Jason Victor Everett - Bio HeadshotNavigating through childhood memories of street hockey games and epic snowball wars, JASON VICTOR EVERETT recalls the time when he was uprooted from his icy Toronto birthplace to sunny Southern California, where kids suddenly made fun of that Canadian accent he never knew he had. Years later, upon surviving the three-year prison sentence known as law school, he switched directions to finally pursue his one true dream — film. Jason attended film school on weeknights for years while toiling away in a downtown law firm to pay down student loans. He launched Sound&Fury Pictures and embarked on the creative endeavor of producing, writing, directing, shooting, and acting. “THE SITDOWN” (2009), a comedic short about a concerned foster parent advising an adopted wayward youth, marked Jason’s first significant foray into the film festival circuit. Jason’s second film, “SKINHEAD REQUIEM” (2013), featuring a powerful performance by veteran actor TOM NOONAN (Manhunter, Heat, Robocop 2, Last Action Hero, The Pledge, Damages, Hell on Wheels), depicts the final prison visitation between a volatile skinhead convict on death row and a not-so-typical priest (Jason plays the skinhead role as well as writing, producing, and directing the film). Jason’s transition to filmmaking is a constant reminder to himself that happiness will always be more important than hollow prestige, no matter how unconventional the route may be to get there.